Bethany Lutheran Church, Bigfork, MT


March 2018

By Pastor Christopher Miller

Dear Friends in Christ,

Before reading this, please read Romans 2:1-16.

Last month, we discussed the wrath of God, and how it manifests itself in the life of the world. So much of the wrongdoing we find in the world comes back to God letting us pretty much do what we want. And we see that wrongdoing surrounding us. Because we have had the commands of God, it is easy to recognize. However, the closer the wrongdoing gets to us, the more likely we are to excuse it. When there is wrongdoing with leaders who agree with us, we dismiss it as pure politics. When there is wrongdoing in our churches, we claim misunderstanding or bring grace too quickly. When there is wrongdoing in our own hearts, we explain the extenuating circumstances.

But wrongdoing is found in all parts of this world, even places that we think are, or we want to be, pure. If you don't know the commandments, you'll perish apart from them, but if you do know the commandments, you will be judged by them. All you need to do is look at the current state of the church that calls itself Christian, and you can understand this. From the terrible things that we do to each other in churches, like abuse and embezzlement, to the smaller things, like gossip and disrespect, we violate God's commands for how totreat our brothers and sisters in Christ every single day.

Paul tells us that trouble will follow those who do not follow God's commands, and glory and peace for those who do good. We need to realize this: in our own sinful selves, we all fall into the first category. We will have trouble and distress in this life, because of our sin and because of the sins of others. There is no one in the righteous category, in and of themselves.


In Christ's Hope,                  Pastor Christopher Miller


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